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Shopping Basics

1. Priority mail

Priority mail is an exclusive service USPS provides and is a brand name, not a unique shipping method. It operates just like shipping methods, such as expedited and overnight shipping. This type ships goods within the US in 1 to 3 business days, depending on the origin and destination.

2. International

As the name suggests, if the shipping originates from a different country than the destination, then it is called an international shipping method. However, this shipping type requires more formalities since it is shipped to a different country.

So, we extended our exchange policy to fit those needs that kept arriving.” “Now, you can return for a refund within 30 days. After 30 days, we ask for a small fee to cover the shipping on exchanges and we will grant a “late exchange” up to 90 days.

Yes, We make it our business to support your business. Our support team of freight experts is on-call 24 hours a day to help you navigate documentation, freight specifics, and challenges that may arise so you can get the best international freight quote for your shipment .


All International Debit and Credit cards

Yes, We accept payments via PayCly Payment system which is PCI compliance adherence to the set of policies and procedures developed to protect credit, debit and cash card transactions and prevent the misuse of cardholders’ personal information. All card brands require compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Yes but depends with the country we are shipping to.

Shipping & Returns

Often, you can return an item for a full refund if you have a receipt. You might also want to exchange the item or ask for store credit. However, the store ultimately decides whether to take the item back and whether to give you something in return.

This May depend with your Bank but usually takes 3-5 business days.

  1. Click Menu .
  2. Click Orders. If your order can still be canceled, you’ll see the Cancel order option. Then, you can place a new order and choose from the available delivery options. If you don’t see an option to cancel, it means your order is too far along in the process.

If your unable to do so just give us a call or write us an email at sales@cosymkt.com

Kindly do so by going on the contact page to talk to us.


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